Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Daje mi wiosne! (Give me spring!)

Our usual Monday morning email wasn't there to greet us yesterday morning.  I checked my inbox frequently throughout the morning, but soon realized it wasn't going to be there as it was approximately 6:00 p.m. in Poland at that point.  So I posted a sad plea on Facebook asking where my son's email could possibly be.  It wasn't long before I received a response from a friend of Lance's in Poland who related to me that the Monday after Easter is a holiday known as "Smigus Dyngus", a.k.a. "Wet Monday", therefore all the cafes were closed.  Smigus-Dyngus is a unique tradition to Poland where the boys will try to drench girls with squirt guns or buckets of water until 12:00.  The more the girls are sprayed with water, the higher the chances are for her to get married.  Of course, it becomes more of a chance to have a water fight!  Lance says that there were attempts on his dryness, but he was able to escape.

Poland celebrates Easter similarly to the United States.  He says they have the Easter bunny there and that they walk around all day with Easter baskets and get food donations to take to the Catholic churches for the Priests to bless.  

Lance confirms that he is still eating healthily.  He does appear to be tiring of the winter weather and is looking forward to Spring.  This year has been unusually cold in Poland and it seems most everyone there has spring fever.

He reports that they are still meeting earnestly with the woman from China.  He says she is amazing!  She is progressing well and he feels she has been prepared by God.  He is looking forward to their next meeting where they will discuss the Resurrection and following the Spirit.

Here are some pictures he included in this email:
"This is outside our apartment but this is what it looks like everyday! haha"

"This is amazing polish food called Nalaszniki and it is like a crape but mine had honey and walnuts in it!"

"This is a picture of a way cool statue in a town called Bydgoszcz I went on exchanges with Elder Bokinski and it's a statue that literally balances on a wire! It's nuts and way cool!"

Here are some pictures from Sister Nielson's blog:
Lance and some of his favorite people

Singing Sto Lat (happy birthday) to "the funniest guy"!

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