Monday, April 8, 2013

Ah, it's good to be emailing again!

In typical Lance fashion, he begins his email with enthusiasm.  He loves Mondays so much, he says, and I have to agree.

Seems spring is finally appearing in Szczecin and they couldn't be happier.  Because they have seen an abundance of snow, Lance and his companion begin their day by singing "Jingle Bells".  Might as well be happy about it, right?!

We are counting down the days (34) until we get to speak on the phone for our Mother's Day call.  That day is also happens to be his 20th birthday, so it will be a great present for both him and me!

This weekend, my sister and I attended the memorial services for our Uncle Buddy in Las Vegas, NV.  Lance had gotten the chance to know him and his wife fairly well in the summer of 2011.  Lance's band Prytaneum (which consisted of him on the cello and his band mate, Aaron Stokes, on the harp) performed at a Renaissance Fair in Cedar City, UT, where my uncle and his wife lived.  My husband and I met Lance at the fair and afterwards then we all spent the night at my uncle's place.  The following morning, we all went to breakfast and they gave us a tour of the town.  My uncle also told us stories of his father, my grandfather and Lance's great-grandfather, which I had never heard before.  It was a wonderful visit that affected us profoundly.  I'm so grateful Lance had the opportunity to get to know his great uncle before his passing.

Speaking of Cedar City, UT, Lance was excited to hear that that town will be getting a temple.  He says that Poland is next!  I'm looking forward to Lance's return so he can attend the Brigham City, UT, temple (our home town) and will be able to attend the open house for the Cedar City temple.  I love how God works!

Lance was able to watch both General Conference sessions on Saturday at a local member's home.  The first session they watched in Polish and the second in English.  He very much enjoyed Elder Bednar's talk.  He was even able to meet Elder Bednar while in the MTC.
To view his talk, click this link:

Today, they have plans to attend a healthy restaurant with a friend from their branch and he may even be able to play a cello.  Yesterday, my husband and I saw a program on TV about the band "The Piano Guys".  If you've never heard their music, you must look them up!  Lance's style of cello playing is similar to the cellist in that band, though Lance hasn't ever played along side a pianist.  I can't wait to see what he does with his musical talent when he gets home!
To view a popular song by The Piano Guys, follow this link:

He reports that his current investigator has decided to be baptized, so he is quite thrilled!  They have been meeting with her everyday and he comments that she is strong and he is truly amazed by her desire to learn more.  They are meeting with several people, one of whom they met while in the town Police.  He included several pictures of the town...

He concludes his email by expressing his belief in the "work" he is doing in Poland.  He loves everything about his mission and is rejoicing in the Gospel.  He declares that we are all "defenders of the faith" and desires to aid in increasing the faith of those he is in contact with.  He also thanks everyone who prays and cares for him back home.

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