Monday, April 22, 2013

Lots of pictures!

We received a nice package in the mail from Lance this week that included two CDs and his SD card with more pictures...hooray!  No explanation for what the pictures are, though...

This appears to be his view from his apartment in Warsaw
His companion in Warsaw
Lance is the one with the "normal" face???  That's not like him!
I'm guessing this is showing the spot where a drinking party took place?
Looks like Warsaw
A monorail?
Some investigators
Looks cool
Soldiers from WW2, I think
Looks kinda sad
I've seen this in a few of his pictures
Looks like saag paneer... 
It MUST be good!
I recognize this!  Represents the Polish Uprising!
Catholic church
Wish I knew what was going on here!
Ready to leave
Leaving for Szczecin
Catholic church
View from his apartment in Szczecin
Looks like the harbor nearest him
Companions and friends!

I sent off his birthday package on Friday with the items he had requested plus some healthy treats, almond butter, two MoTab CDs, and some other odds and ends.  No word on the calling instructions for our Mother's Day call yet, though.

He says that their investigators are amazing, especially the woman from China.  Her baptism is scheduled for early next month.  He says she is so strong!  He loves to hear her prayers because they are so heartfelt.  He has learned a lot from her.  Their next meeting is about the Word of Wisdom, which he knows she will have no problems with.  There is another young couple they are meeting with and Lance says they are incredible!  Not everyone they meet with is receptive, but as a whole, they are treated kindly.  One person who wasn't interested in the Gospel bought them pizza!

Lance has made a few Polish friends.  One of his new friends, in particular, has been very helpful and kind to all the missionaries.  He takes them to see things and makes them dinner occasionally.  He posted these pictures to Lance's Facebook page recently...

The look on Lance's face reminds me of his older brother, Russell

Lance closes his email by sharing his testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel.  He reaffirms his belief that God lives and recognizes His hand in all things.  Lance shares that he loves being a missionary and appreciates all that he has learned.  He asked me tell everyone "Hi" and asks for prayers on his behalf and all of Poland.

As his mother, I am noticing through his emails and letters that he has been sanctifying his life through this mission and I am so proud of him!

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