Monday, April 15, 2013

Baptism scheduled for next month...

The weather has been improving in Poland and Lance thinks it may just skip spring altogether and go right into summer.  Last week, he shared that every morning they had been singing "Jingle Bells" in honor of the snow.  This week, I suggested he change that song to "Popcorn Popping".  He says that they have some nice speakers in their apartment so they hooked them up to a mini DVD player and they watch segments of last year's General Conference and sing the hymns as loud as they can!

Lance's brother Russell will be assisting in a lab that is studying rat's brains for Alzheimer's and schizophrenia.  I shared the details with Lance and he says that he thinks that is the "most metal job ever!"  His dad received a new calling as Assistant Ward Mission Leader, which means he will be working with the full-time missionaries in our ward.  Lance tells him that he will be wonderful at that calling and gave him some advice on what the missionaries might need or benefit from the most.

Lance reports that their investigator from China is scheduled for baptism in May!  He is sooooo excited!  He says that she is incredible and so very humble.  They recently had a lesson on the ten commandments, which brought him back to when the full-time missionaries taught him and his then girlfriend that same lesson.  He learned a lot about being an effective missionary from those young men.  Lance and his companion are now teaching a young couple he met while on exchanges last week.  He says they are "super cool"!

He doesn't know the calling details for our scheduled Mother's Day call yet.  We should be receiving a package from him this week sometime and I am sending out his birthday package on Friday.  Though his birthday isn't until next month (which happens to be Mother's Day this year!), I feel like I should get it in the mail soon so he can have his birthday presents.  He did say that just talking with his family will be "the best birthday present of my life!"  I filled him in on his friends that are serving missions right now.  He was excited to hear of their successes and their experiences!  He feels like they are all the greatest missionaries.

He closes his email by expressing his love and appreciation for us and everyone who cares about him.  He feels like he has changed a lot on this mission and he is truly grateful for this opportunity.  He expressed his testimony of the Atonement and says that he can see the hand of God in everything.

"A huge church in Szczecin"

The doorbell to a home they visited while out tracting

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