Monday, August 27, 2012

Today's email

It appears that Lance's P-days (a.k.a. Prep days) are Mondays, so I was happy to receive an email from him today!

Here are a couple excerpts:

"Yeah they told us to write home a couple days ago to let you know we're still alive, haha. And thank you for the addresses, I'll have to write people when i have a minute, lol. Oh and our p day is Monday! As long as we're here in the MTC, when we get to Poland I have no idea. And i've been getting your letters, thank you! It truly feels amazing and means the world to get those letters and these emails because it gives me inspiration and happiness. My companion is Zach Smith.  He is a great guy and a great companion!  He calls me a hippie every time I whip out my oils and talk about their health benefits:) I am definitely the hippie out of everyone here!"
"I love you all so much thank you so much for everything! This program gives me a time limit so I can't type for much longer! I love you I love you"

Per some advice from a wonderful friend, I've been using,, and for their free letter service to the MTC.  You type a letter on their website, they print and deliver to the MTC every weekday.  So, the letter I typed this evening will be delivered tomorrow.  How lovely is that?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Elder Kotter's first letter

Boy was I surprised to open the mailbox and see a letter from Lance!  My mail carrier had sort of propped it up in my mailbox so it was the first thing I saw.  What a thoughtful guy!

Here a couple of excerpts:

"I'm actually learning a lot already and I'm learning the language very well.  Oh, and guess what!  They appointed me to be the Poland Warsaw District Leader on day two!" 

"In my dorm room, I'm bunking with 4 elders, including me.  Elder Smith is my companion & there is also Elder Lanham who is from Orem & he has a strong spirit & Elder Stumpf is from Germany!  He speaks German, Latin, English, & is learning Polish."

The Elder Smith he is talking about is a guy he went to school with, which ought to be fun for both of them.  
I'm sure Lance is pretty excited to rooming with someone from Germany...his father's ancestry are from there plus he speaks German.  

Looking forward to our next letter already!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Families are forever

Lance's extended family have all been very supportive of him!  Thankfully, most of my nieces and nephews live nearby so my boys know their cousins pretty well.

My nephew Ross has been a close friend to my sons.  He and Lance have many similarities!

Ross spent the night at our house so he and Lance could hang out one last time.  Their parting hug was beautiful.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dropped Lance off to the MTC today...

We stopped at Temple Square to take some pictures before heading to the MTC.  Great advice I received from a great friend!

We wanted to spend every minute we could together before parting.  I had heard it is busy and a bit chaotic when dropping off missionaries at the MTC.  It was nice to walk around the temple grounds & take pictures.

My boys are great friends!  Russell is 21 and going to Utah State University.  He starts his second year of college next Monday.  That means we're empty nesters...well until August of 2014.

Monday, August 20, 2012

One more day

Lance gave his farewell talk yesterday.

Thankfully he didn't inherit my fear of public speaking/performing. Quite the opposite, actually. He chose to start off with his unique cello version of Nearer My God to Thee. He then spent the next 20 plus minutes sharing his thoughts, beliefs, scriptures, and quotes on faith in Christ & in the "work".

After hearing (and feeling) Lance's words, I am more convinced than ever that he has been called to the perfect mission. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The universal language of music

Meant to get those last few items today while we were out making wheatgrass deliveries  but got off track with a trip to Summerhays music play on their harps.

If you didn't already know this, Lance is a talented musician.  He started with my guitar as a toddler & has since mastered the cello, drums, & now my harp.  He has spent countless hours in the last week putting the finishing touches on his solo CD, which features cello, guitar, & harp.  It's crazy good!

My dad was also a talented musician.  Best I can remember, my dad played guitar, slide guitar, drums, a little bass, & even a little piano.  All self-taught.  We used to joke that you could just sit any random instrument in front of him, and within a few minutes, he'd have some decent sound coming from it.  Well, Lance hasn't fallen far from the music tree. 

Music is truly a universal language and I hope Lance will have the opportunity to share his talent while serving in Poland.  Who knows, maybe he'll even pick up another instrument.  Maybe it'll be the Hurdy Gurdy.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Reporting to the MTC next week!

We have only a few things left to gather up before we drop Lance off to the MTC on August 22nd.  At 1:00 p.m., to be exact.  Ten days.  Well, nine if you don't count today.  But who's counting?