Sunday, August 26, 2012

Elder Kotter's first letter

Boy was I surprised to open the mailbox and see a letter from Lance!  My mail carrier had sort of propped it up in my mailbox so it was the first thing I saw.  What a thoughtful guy!

Here a couple of excerpts:

"I'm actually learning a lot already and I'm learning the language very well.  Oh, and guess what!  They appointed me to be the Poland Warsaw District Leader on day two!" 

"In my dorm room, I'm bunking with 4 elders, including me.  Elder Smith is my companion & there is also Elder Lanham who is from Orem & he has a strong spirit & Elder Stumpf is from Germany!  He speaks German, Latin, English, & is learning Polish."

The Elder Smith he is talking about is a guy he went to school with, which ought to be fun for both of them.  
I'm sure Lance is pretty excited to rooming with someone from Germany...his father's ancestry are from there plus he speaks German.  

Looking forward to our next letter already!


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