Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The universal language of music

Meant to get those last few items today while we were out making wheatgrass deliveries  but got off track with a trip to Summerhays music store...to play on their harps.

If you didn't already know this, Lance is a talented musician.  He started with my guitar as a toddler & has since mastered the cello, drums, & now my harp.  He has spent countless hours in the last week putting the finishing touches on his solo CD, which features cello, guitar, & harp.  It's crazy good!

My dad was also a talented musician.  Best I can remember, my dad played guitar, slide guitar, drums, a little bass, & even a little piano.  All self-taught.  We used to joke that you could just sit any random instrument in front of him, and within a few minutes, he'd have some decent sound coming from it.  Well, Lance hasn't fallen far from the music tree. 

Music is truly a universal language and I hope Lance will have the opportunity to share his talent while serving in Poland.  Who knows, maybe he'll even pick up another instrument.  Maybe it'll be the Hurdy Gurdy.

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