Monday, April 29, 2013

New companion, same town

Lance's transfer time is here and he has been assigned to stay in Szczecin but have a different companion. He is very excited to stay in Szczecin and to get to know his new companion better!

He received the calling directions for Mother's Day. We get to call him at Noon our time and we are looking forward to hearing his voice! I have a short list of questions for him but we're hoping to hear more details from him. Our weekly emails and occasional letters and packages are great to share with each other, but they just don't compare to a phone call!

Last week, he suggested he would like to have a voice recorder, which would make it easier for him. I'm hoping that he will know how to attach the files to his email...maybe his companion will be able to tutor him! I would then just transcribe his recordings in order to save them in his scrapbook. So I'm looking at amazon to find him a good recorder.

Things are great with his Chinese investigator. Lance says she is "super funny" and "truly sincere". He says she loves to learn and is reading the Book of Mormon with enthusiasm. She is scheduled to return to China in July, so they have been working on finding her a congregation. We are praying for her to have supportive members and leaders who will care about her as much as Lance does!

The other investigators are progressing and he feels that our prayers on their behalf have been helpful. They met with a man who is deaf and though they are having a challenge in communicating, he can feel that he is excited to learn the Gospel message. He shared with Lance and his companion that he feels the Gospel is true and can feel the good spirits of the missionaries.

He is always glad to hear our news from home. He gives us many encouraging and uplifting words and tells us he prays for us everyday. It seems that he is always learning something new, making weaknesses into strengths, becoming closer to God and our fellow human beings.

We are truly blessed!

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