Monday, March 25, 2013

I love you so much, farewell till next week!

Things are going well for Lance in Szczecin.  He says the weather is still cold and snowy so he is looking forward to some spring like weather.

He's happy to have a serious investigator at this time.  He told me about her in his email last week.
They meet with her every couple of days and she has attended church.  She speaks some English but no Polish, and he was happy to be able to translate the Polish meeting into English so she could understand.
She is new to the idea of having a loving Heavenly Father and therefore she is intrigued by the idea that she can pray and have those prayers answered.  Lance and his companion have a few meetings set up for this week with some other investigators, too.  Sounds like Lance is very excited to meet with them all!

I've been conversing via Facebook with a couple of Lance's new found friends there in Poland.  One of his friends, whom Lance refers to as "a health freak just like us!" has written a small health based book and shared it with me.  It is very insightful!  I was quite impressed.  One of his new friends comes with them to meet with their investigator.  Lance tells me that she is "incredible, truly one of the best members of the church I have ever seen."

Lance reports that their visit to see a gypsy jazz performance last week was incredible!  He was blown away by the similarity between that music and what he composed before leaving for his mission.  He bought me a CD and is sending it home soon.

Lance thanks everyone for all their prayers and kind thoughts.  He is loving Szczecin and loving his mission.
He is happy to know that he is serving his fellow man and aspires to be like Christ.

I'm assuming this is in honor of St. Patrick's Day

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