Monday, March 11, 2013

Drogi rodzice! (Dear Parents)

This week we received a letter from Lance which he had written while on his train ride to Szczecin.

He begins by sharing how much his mission has meant to him.  He feels like he has already learned so much. He admits there are "super tough" days but the "super amazing" days always outnumber the tough ones.

I very much enjoyed the insights he included in his letter.  Like, when Christ was here, he was perfectly obedient to the will of God.  And that alone created faith and desire to act on the Light.  He says he, too, is learning to be obedient to God's will and is stronger and better because of it.  He comments that he is the type that when given a rule, will act on it in his own way regardless, then see what comes of it.
I personally relate to that very much!  If I see something that is worthwhile; call it a rule, commandment, law, whatever, I will apply it to my life in every way possible to see the results.  This is how I came to understand the beauty of paying tithing and donating to other causes.  There are some things you have to DO before you can KNOW.

Lance also shares that faith has become paramount in his life.  He says he has learned to nourish and strengthen it by having faith both in God and Christ.  He feels that if you stay strong in your faith, then nothing can get you down.  When you ask God to bless you, you're exercising your faith and this more fully allows you to accept the blessings God is pouring out to you.

In today's email, he told me that they met with a lovely woman and her friend.  He says he was inspired to pray while there and feels it was one of the most sincere prayers he's ever given.  He feels it was beautiful and very comforting to the woman.
Lance's brother has been learning a lot about the toxins in our water system and has shared with me the information he has learned in his environmental chemistry class.  I included some of what we had discussed with Lance in my email.  He says that Poland's water system is pretty dirty.  They have to use water filters because the water comes from a local pond which is full of cigarettes, pigeon feathers, and other terrible stuff.  He doesn't fully trust the filters to do their job, though.  Sounds like I will be sending him a good filter in his next package...which will be his birthday package.

As always, Lance had nothing but wonderful things to say about his companion!  They have become great friends.  I updated him on a sister missionary that had to come home early due to her many health complications.  He was so happy to know she's doing well and says that Poland is a brighter place due to all she did in the mission field.

It's tax season here and I let him know I have all the necessary papers to give to our tax person on his behalf.  He is hoping for a nice return so he can have more money in his mission fund.  He said I could even sell anything he has of any value to go in the fund...except his cello!  I'll be sure to remind him that I would never do such a thing!

I shared with him a picture that was posted on his Facebook page of him and friend.  He was very excited to see the picture and said that young man is one of the coolest members of the branch.  Lance says the friend is also a "health nut", so they have lots to talk about.

The weather was improving in Poland until recently.  He thought he might be getting a cold (the first time he's felt sick since being on his mission), but it went away.  He's been taking his On Guard essential oil to help keep his immune system up.  Sounds like another bottle of that will go into his birthday package!

Lance did ask that in his next package if we might send some "sick MoTab CD that has like a billion songs on it with like sick cello and harp songs?"  I'm sure I can hook him up!

His last request was for prayers.  For himself, his companion, and all the people of Poland.

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