Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy and Healthy

I'm liking that now he's in Szczecin, our packages get there in more like two weeks rather than a month or more.  The last package I sent him contained some fun St. Patrick's Day and Easter themed stuff, including some healthy treats.  We also included some family pictures and one small framed picture of his cello.  For his next package, he has requested more On Guard essential oil and his retainer.  I guess his teeth have begun to shift and he's not happy about that.

He received some kind messages from friends, new and old, this week on Facebook.  So far, he's had 5 or 6 people from Poland "friend" him, so I'm happy they are able to read the updates I put on there!

Last week was their Zone Training meeting in a nearby town named Poznan.  It was wonderful to see some awesome pictures of him, his companion, and the other missionaries in his area.  They all look so happy and healthy!
I'm confident to say that I know these guys, thanks to their moms being so wonderful.  In fact, I was privileged to meet personally with Lance's companion's mom this last week for lunch.  What a great woman! I can see why he and Lance get along so well.

Lance and his companion
I'm so glad Lance gets to serve with these fine missionaries!
Pizza for lunch, it appears.

Lance mentions one new investigator who has recently moved to Poland from China to attend a nearby music school.  She wasn't allowed to believe in God in China, and now is very excited to learn as much as she can.  They have plans to meet with her often.  Their last meeting went well...they brought along a female member of their branch and it appears the two women have created a friendship.

Today, they are attending a culture night which is going to be a gypsy jazz performance.  He is VERY excited to attend that!  He has an appreciation for the gypsy culture and, of course, jazz music.  In fact, one of the tracks on his CD is titled Gypsy Jazz, which he dedicated to my late father (who also loved jazz).

He closes his email with thanks for the advice we give to him and reassures us that all things are going smoothly.  He loves Poland, the people, the language, and all other aspects of his mission...well, except for the weather still being cold.  But other than that, he is doing well.

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