Monday, January 28, 2013

Kocham cie i wszystkiego dobrego! (I love you...I wish you everything good!)

This week's email updates us on Lance's love and appreciation for his fellow man.
When my step-son was on his mission in the Philippines, I can remember him sharing his feelings of love for the people there.  And still to this day, he talks about them with such tenderness.
I'm so glad to know Lance is having the same experience!

As I've shared before, Lance has been privileged to meet with some wonderful people of the Muslim faith.  He comments that although our beliefs on Christ are different, the similarities between our faiths are undeniable.  The most recent couple he has been meeting with are reading the Book of Mormon and they are now having some great discussion.  Lance and his companion attended their Mosque and he says it was wonderful and interesting.  He mentions that the prayers are sort of a song/chant and encourages us to look one up on youtube.  He has also been reading in the Koran and has found that it contains some great truths.

Lance emphasizes his appreciation for the Muslim view on health.  He appreciates very much that they avoid processed, especially genetically modified, foods.  He says they had a very long and great discussion about that!  The couple have invited them over for dinner, which Lance is very excited about.  He says Malaysian food is very similar to Indian.  His food assignment is to bring his favorite snack of coconut water, dates, and almonds...which just also happens to be their favorite snack!

Today, Lance and his companion are going to visit a music store, so he can play on the cellos.  I had assured him that his cello is still safely tucked away, waiting for his return.  He loves to share his music with anyone who is interested.  I've sent him stacks of his CDs for him to give away.

As usual, Lance had wonderful things to say about Poland.  In my email, I asked if he had a chance to visit with anyone of the Jewish faith, and so far he hasn't.  It is sad the atrocities that happened to the Polish Jews during WWII.  But his attitude is one of hopefulness that Poland will only know happiness now and not remember the past; to move forward with an eye single to the glory of God.  He speaks of his love for the Atonement and how there isn't anything it doesn't cover.

We make sure to update Lance on the happenings here on the home front.  His cousin had a baby boy, my husband and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary, and we are digging out from under the snow and ice that dumped on Utah this week.  He loves to be filled in on everything going on at home, so I make sure to pass on any words of encouragement we receive from family, friends, and ward members.

Lance closes his email with love and appreciation for his family.  He says the life of a missionary is truly incredible...the people he meets, the experiences he has everyday, serving people, loving people, approaching and teaching's exciting and everything he's ever wanted to do!  He appreciates our prayers and says he feels them.

And in response to my closing my email with Cariad  (the Welsh word for love), he closes with Garu Di (short for I love you in Welsh) and comments that he has almost completely forgotten Welsh now that Polish has taken over...

Kocham cie i wszystkiego dobrego (Polish for I love you, I wish you everything good)!


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