Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Szczesliwego Nowego Roku (Happy New Year)

Lance's Christmas package has still not made it to him!  Thankfully there wasn't anything in the package that isn't replaceable.  He suggests I put Virgin Mary stickers on my next package...perhaps that will help.

This Sunday, my husband and I attended the farewell of a childhood friend of Lance's.  I was so very impressed by this young man's attitude about serving a mission!  Reminded me very much of Lance's attitude before he left.  We also attended a homecoming for a missionary who served in Taiwan.  She mentioned in her talk that the "gift of tongues" is real.  I definitely agree with her!  It was so great to hear her report on the many awesome spiritual experiences she had.

I just know these young people are going to change the lives of those they come in contact with, not to mention how their own lives will change.  I am thankful for the missionaries all over the world in their various capacities!

Here are some excerpts of Lance's email this week:

"Dzien Dobry, Mom!  It was great for me to talk to you on Christmas, as well!!!!  I can't even describe the joy that I felt, that joy we talk about in the church, true happiness, a peek into the Heavens & eternal life, that's exactly what it felt like, overwhelming joy!  God lives and I am here to testify of it!"

"They celebrate New Year's here in Poland!  There have been fireworks going off for the last week.  They sounds like gun shots, haha!"

"Tell Shelby to get better and that she is the bomb and I miss her!  And that's so cool Tre is going on his mission!  He is going to be an amazing missionary!  That's cool what happened with Tonya.  God works in so many amazing ways!  How are the Sumkos doing?  Tell them I love them and thank them for all the support.  What you told me over the phone just blew my mind.  Tell them that they are and will be blessed for such kindness!"

"I am reading Jesus the Christ.  That book is so deep!  And that one Joseph Smith book sounds really interesting.  I want to read it!  Being here and serving has blessed me so much!  Every single day I just realize truly how grateful I really am for everything!"

"Poland is truly amazing!  A fewish weeks ago, we went to Indian food and it was soooo good!  Not half as good as Tandoori, but close.  My language is progressing and becoming better.  We met a dude on the street the other day named B-----.  We taught him a lesson and it was amazing.  We also taught a guy named D---- and he is super cool and way smart.  We talked for hours on the Creation and where we go after we die.  Teaching people is the greatest thing I could ask to be doing, about the most important subject, message EVER!  It's crazy, we are 19 and don't know the language that well but by small and simple things, the Lord God brings to pass great means!  We are young in the way of the world and culture, but we are defenders of the faith and know this message is true.  It's amazing to be a witness of the power and love and true divine presence of God in my/our lives.  I love you so much.  Have an amazing New Year's party and tell the family hi and I wish you the greatest year of your life in 2013!  I love you, Elder Kotter"

"Dear Dad.  I love you so much!  I was so great to hear from you. And thank you for everything you told me and the advice you give me.  Every day I am here, I realize how much alike you and I really are and how great of an influence you've had on me."

"My new companion is the bomb!  We are teaching many people and it's incredible!  The power of the Lord God is so strong within my life.  I am so grateful!  How is the scripture study?  Life in general?  Get back to me!  Love, Elder Kotter"

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