Monday, January 21, 2013

Going to Mosque on Friday

Poland is much more of a "melting pot" than I ever realized!
Lance has been honored to meet with and teach people of many cultures and religious affiliations.  And he tells me there are always so many similarities.

This week he and his companion were inspired to go to a "klatka", which is an apartment type building.  As they were entering, a woman held the door for them.  Lance said he felt the Spirit move upon him to talk with her.  Shortly thereafter, her husband arrived and they all had a great meeting wherein they found many wonderful similarities between their faiths.  He says specifically that the similarities far out weigh the differences and they all agreed that God is behind their meeting with each other.  The couple invited Lance and his companion to attend Mosque with them on Friday.  And, they are giving him two for him and one he will send home for me.  He is so excited to learn more about his fellow man!

Lance tells of another great experience he and his companion had...he calls it a miracle among the other hundreds that happened this week alone...
They have been meeting with a professor and this week he asked them to come teach his students the Gospel message!  So on Friday, they went to "Nowy Swiat", which is Old Town, and taught three classes of about 6-10 students.  Lance says he could feel the Spirit strongly and knew that the students had a wonderful experience.  He hopes they will all go out and research it further.

Things are going quite well with his investigators, who he calls his friends!  He tells us a lot about two of them, in particular.  We pray for these people everyday.  That they might feel the Spirit and know that God loves them.  And though we don't know them personally, there is something about praying for someone that brings you close to them.  A definite spirit connection!

For Christmas, I got two of India style music by Prem Joshua and a harp CD by Hilary Stagg.  Knowing Lance's love of music, I told him I had some CDs for him to listen to when he gets home.  He says he can't wait to hear Prem Joshua's music.  He loves everything about the Indian culture...the food, the music, the people...everything!  He promises we will get to go there someday.  I am counting on that!

My new found respect and love for Poland and its history led me to watch a movie this week titled "The Pianist".  It's based on a true story of a Polish/Jewish man named Wladyslaw Szpilman who was a famous pianist before WWII came to Poland.  He barely survived the war and went on to live to the age of 88 and is buried in Warsaw.  He became quite the composer and wrote his biography under communism's rule, so his book didn't come out until after the fall of communism.  It was a very compelling and inspiring story!  I asked Lance if he has heard this man's story, but I guess he hasn't.

As always, I updated Lance on everything that has been happening in our family over the week.  I am branching out with my business and it is a bit of a challenge.  It is comforting to know that even with his busy schedule and having so many others to pray for, that he always prays for us.  Like I mentioned before, there is something magical about prayer that makes you feel so much closer to the person for whom you're praying!  He always has some wonderfully uplifting and loving words for me, and this week's email was no exception.

Lance also reaffirms that he is learning so much...about the world, about people, about the nature of God.  He says that at times, people will get angry and proclaim that there is no God.  But he just testifies that He does live and that He loves every single one of us.  Lance says he can feel the power of God penetrating their hearts and sparking the fire within them of the Light of Christ.  Isn't that what it's about in the end?  All things hinge on that Christ-like love.  From our Father in Heaven to each one of us brothers and sisters.

He concludes his email by emphasizing the need to lift one another and endure to the end.  To walk in faith rather than just by sight & rooting ourselves in the "soil" of Heaven.

God bless us all!

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