Monday, January 7, 2013


I sent Lance a package for Christmas on December 3rd.  He received it January 6th.
Strangely enough, I dreamed that night he had received it, though I thought it was weird that he looked like he was a kid.  I shared that dream with him in my email I sent last's his response:

"And yes, I got my package yesterday!  That's funny you dreamed about it!  Because honestly when I opened the package, I was so happy it brought me back to when I was little opening packages and the feelings I had!  You and I must have connected at the same time because when I was opening it, you were sleeping!  I love how God works!!!!!!!"

I couldn't agree more!

Here are some excerpts of today's email:

"We haven't had a whole lot of lessons this week because the recovery of the holidays, but we met with A--- and he is doing way good!  I gave him one of my CDs and we talked about the gospel of Christ very deeply.  I love meeting with him!  He is Buddhist and very open minded, willing to talk and accepting of anything we say!"

"I've been doing very well with contacting this week!  We use public transportation for pretty much everything, and every time I'm on a bus it's my goal to talk to at least 3 people.  I got a lot of people's numbers this week who are interested!  It's the most exciting thing!  I've learned to never stand there in a thoughtless stupor but always talk to everyone, no matter where I am or who it is, because that is why I'm here.  I will never look back and regret anything, saying I never did my part, because I did!"

"I can't wait to do temple work again!  I miss that place!  I feel honored to do the work for our ancestors.  And yeah, they really only want us to to read Jesus the Christ, Our Heritage, Our Search for Happiness, and the scriptures and Ensign and stuff.  That's what I read everyday.  The BoM, Ensign, PMG, and the New Testament.  I want to read Joseph Smith's Teachings, but I'm still reading Jesus the Christ.  Are there any good books I should read?  Is that even a question?  LOL"

"My companion is truly the bomb, he is way loving and helps me to become better, which I'm so grateful for!  Together, we are powerful!  Poland is incredible.  I can understand people better everyday.  We had a baptism in our district the other day!  Life is just so good!"

"Thanks for your great advice, Pop.  I feel that's something I catch myself doing sometimes, focusing on the end goal, who I am going to be, who I want to become, and I forget to focus on the now and realize I am already that person, but always progressing!  I have realized that I need to live in the day, enjoy the journey, smell the roses."

"I am glad everything is going so well at home.  If there is anything I can do to help or pray for, let me know! I am happy and blessed to hear you're proud of me.  It truly means the world to me!  I am proud to be a Latter Day Saint bearing the message and sword of truth!  And I am glad that my mother and father also bear that same title!"

"Life is so good here!  I have learned so much and can only continue to learn so much everyday!  I can't even describe the joy I feel, it's true happiness.  I can testify of that!  How is church and everybody?  Tell them I love them!"

"I love you!  Elder Kotter"

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