Monday, February 4, 2013

Everyday is a huge adventure!

Well, as usual, Lance seems to be doing wonderfully.  Outside of some of the "grumpy" people he comes across, his typical interaction with the people of Poland is positive.

In this week's email, he begins by proclaiming his appreciation for other cultures.  He recognizes that all people, no matter what faith they claim or background they may have, are all children of God.  He feels like the "message" is one of peace, happiness, and eternal joy.  And it will bring all His children closer to Him.  Lance also paraphrases the words of Elder Holland (probably his favorite Apostle) wherein he says the work will not be forgotten and consigned to the ash heap of history.

They have been meeting with someone who has committed to baptism next month.  Lance is so excited!  Not all his recent investigators have been so accepting of the Gospel, but he knows that planting the seed is of utter importance.  He asks that we continue to pray for his friends, a.k.a., investigators.

Lance was able to visit the cello store last week and get some playing in.  Today they are planning on going to an Indian restaurant called "The Buddha".  Between the few restaurants and his new Malaysian friends, he has been eating all the good foods.

According to Sister Nielson's blog, Poland will be receiving 29 new missionaries!  Which means there will be some transfers.  He isn't sure where he'll be next, but is happy to be where he is needed most.  We absolutely love Sister Nielson's blog!  We check it almost daily to see how the work is progressing and hopeful to see a picture or two of Lance.

Last week, I reminded Lance that he is a direct descendant of many Pioneers, some of whom knew Joseph Smith personally.  His g. g. grandfather was James G. Willie, the captain of the Willie Handcart company.  The Willie company, along with two other companies, got a late start from Iowa and got stranded in Wyoming by the early arrival of winter.  Travelling by handcart was slow and tedious and most of the immigrants were city folk and not used to rugged conditions.  Many people died from starvation and exposure.  Thankfully, James G. Willie survived and helped to settle Mendon, UT.  This is only one story of his ancestors and their contribution to early church history!

Lance closes his email with enthusiasm over his mission.  He says, "Everyday is a huge adventure!"

                                                                      James G. Willie

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