Monday, February 18, 2013

Transfer to Szczecin

Lance received his transfer last night.  He is scheduled to leave for Szczecin this Friday and he is so excited!
Though he is going to miss those he has gotten to know while serving in Warsaw, he is looking forward to meeting new people of this new area.  And he is very excited to be Elder Cieslak's companion!  I remember Lance talking about him a couple months ago and how they have many things in common and how he hoped they might be able to serve together someday.  He says that Szczecin is at the northern border of Germany and it is rich in history.

As always, I update Lance on things at home and things that I think he would be interested in.  The recent asteroid "near miss" and the meteor explosion over Russia were definitely topics I knew he'd be interested in.  He had heard about the Russian meteor.  He was also interested to hear about the side effects of the intense solar flares that have been going on recently.  We also updated him on the missionaries that he knows are out right now and a few that have recently been called in our ward.  I know he enjoys hearing about everyone!

He asked for more pictures of his family and more peppermint oil, but other than that, he has been able to find everything he needs there.  He mentions that he loves the blender/food processor he bought and has been labeled "the cook" since he takes time to prepare healthy meals, especially the Indian style meals.

The Malaysian couple he has been meeting with are doing well.  They invited some friends over for their last discussion and Lance thinks it went very well.  He says he going to miss them when he gets transferred.  They receive many promptings and visions of where to go and whom to talk to while they're out everyday.  He shares that sometimes he'll begin to speak with someone, and the person sitting next the them is the one who turns out to be the interested one.  Unfortunately, he won't be able to attend a baptism of one of his investigators that is scheduled for early next month.

As always, he thanks everyone for their support and asks that I send his love to everyone.  He looks forward to catching up with everyone and everything when he gets home next year.  He encourages me to watch Supernatural and listen to Van Halen for him in the meantime.

He closes by reaffirming that he loves it there.  He proclaims his belief that God lives & loves us...and that we are here for a reason.  He also reminds us that he prays for us everyday.

This is why I love Mondays.


  1. Yay! Ty is headed there too. he mentioned Lance in his email today. So glad they will be near to each other. Ty is so excited about this transfer!

    1. Awesome! That's cool they served in Warsaw and now in Szczecin "together"!