Monday, February 11, 2013

Dzien Dobry!

We've become accustomed to being greeted by Lance's email first thing Monday morning.  However, this morning was a disappointment as there was no email.  Though I know he's "Mom" imaginations take hold and I begin to worry...just a little...about why.

Thankfully, it showed up in my inbox 3 hours later than normal.  Better late than never!

Lance begins by thanking me for the recipes I sent in his last package.  He bought a nice blender/food processor there and has been enjoying making "banana ice cream" and "saag".  Banana ice cream is just blended sliced frozen bananas with some coconut milk to thin it out.  Saag is Indian style creamed spinach.  

He reports that everything is on track for an investigator's baptism next month.  He still meets with his Malaysian friends regularly.  Not everyone he has been meeting with still actively investigates, however.  But he is confident that once the seed is planted, it can grow as strong as an oak tree...someday!  He mentions they met with someone this week who at first claimed atheist, but after some discussion, admitted he does have a belief in God.  So Lance encouraged him to pray with faith to receive guidance from God.  The conversation went quite well, and Lance feels that it was "a miracle of the week".

They made a stop at an Indian food restaurant last week.  Lance said it was very good, but nothing compares to our favorite place here in Utah.  He asked me to let the owners know that he has "Tandoori pride!"

We always fill him in on things that have been going on at home.  This Saturday, I was blessed to hear Sister Sherry Dew and Sister Wendy Nelson speak.  The meeting was absolutely incredible.  I shared with him parts of what Sister Dew said about asking our Angels for help and how she made the distinction between the power of the Priesthood and Priesthood Authority.  These were some of our favorite topics to talk about before Lance left for his mission.  He made the comment that he believes LDS people are usually open minded to these ideas.  And, I would have to agree.

Last week, Lance mentioned that he has the occasion to meet some "grumpy" people.  So this week I included a picture of Grumpy Cat to reference those unfriendly contacts he may make.  Kind of a funny way to look at being told off, I guess.  He says he just smiles at them and expresses love to them.  He figures they probably think he's a creep, but maybe they'll appreciate it someday!

Lance shared that he finds it incredible that prophets like Moses have been testifying of our day and age.  He also shared that he feels we have been preserved for this specific time for many reasons, the most important of which is to be the bearers of Truth and bringing it to the world.  He feels like he learns more and more every day and is so very grateful for knowledge.

He closes by sending his love and support to everyone at home.  He thanks those that pray for and wish him well.

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