Monday, November 5, 2012

Hey! It's P Day again!

I think Lance's English is suffering for the cause of speaking Polish fluently...this email was harder to read than most, so a lot of spelling/grammar correction is in order! 

"Hey!  It's P Day again!  So yeah, I went and bought a new suit and a new coat last P Day and they are amazing!  They are European style too, so it looks really stylin, hahaha!  And I haven't gotten your letter yet but if it's here, it'll come today, so I'm excited!"

"The thing i feel like is really important is the food I eat.  The first week and a half I didn't eat 100% healthy just because I had to try ALL the Polish food, haha!  So now, unless it's like a way good looking unique Polish dish, I only fruits, veggies, and some meats and nuts.  I realize that one of the greatest gifts God has blessed me with is a health conscience mind.  And, thanks to you for raising me into the ways of health, I will be a help to people struggling with health and be guided in caring for myself which truly is a blessing!"

"Thank you so much for praying for the guy I told you about last week.  We unfortunately haven't had the chance to meet with him yet, but we met with a guy who's name is --- and he's amazing!!  He is from Vietnam and speaks English and he is Buddhist!  We hit it off so well and dove into teaching him the Gospel and it truly was such an amazing experience!  I gave him one of my highlighted Books of Mormon and committed him to read it.  The lesson went so well!"
"Last night, Elder Fletcher and I were tracting on a road where the Polish Uprising took place and where the Polish people made a huge stance against the Germans.  They fortified all the streets and hid behind mountains of couches and cars and won that victory, but unfortunately the Germans were just so much more advanced and they wiped them out.  It's truly devastating to know the death that occurred  but at the same time, walking through all these streets walking past the statues and memorials, it gives me peace and happiness knowing that even through hell, the Polish people rose from the ashes!  And through their faith, which pulled them through, they were able to rebuild this beautiful town the way it is today. I am so privileged to be in a place with so much history and honor and faith.  It makes me love the Polish people even more and gives me even a greater desire to serve them and hep them back to the bond with their creator and to happiness!"

"If you can, go check out the dedicatory prayer for Poland to be a mission.  You might be able to find it on the blog but it's beautiful and so powerful!  Everything here is great!  Oh and I saw some super sick looking cottages the other day!  With gardens in each yard!  So beautiful and it's right by our place!  Warsaw is so beautiful and amazing!  It's an adventure everyday. OHHHH and we went to day of the dead a few nights ago and it was so amazing!!!!!!  All the cemeteries are so beautiful and there are candles everywhere with crosses and no crosses but it's beautiful to see the Polish people remember their ancestors!  I need to figure out how to apply pictures, dangit!  I'll get on that!"

"Everything here in Poland is so amazing!  Everything is so beautiful!  The history is so rich and so old and the culture is amazing!  There are so many super beautiful cathedrals here and old's amazing! I am teaching a lot of people and we teach someone new every day.  My polish is not perfect, hahaha, but I can understand and speak through the Spirit, which is important!"

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