Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Zone meeting & email

Today we received in the mail a nice welcome letter from Lance's mission president & his wife.  They also included a picture of the three of them.

Their blog has some great pictures of the recent zone meeting:

A few excerpts from this week's email:

"The mission fund we get every month goes for food, laundry, soap, haircuts, things like that.  But the personal funds are for clothes & souvenirs, things like that.  So, I got a suit & a coat & a couple other things.  Great deals here on everything!"

"So yeah, it's me and my companion in this way nice apartment.  Elder Fletcher loves to cook so he is always cooking.  But he cooks healthy because he knows I won't eat garbage butt food & fructose crap.  Hahaha!  He doesn't want to eat that way either, so we have healthy eating habits!  I would say that God has truly blessed me with the conscious of health and I am so grateful and blessed for it!"

"My companion is an amazing teacher and learn something new from him everyday.  He really is a blessing to me and who God knows I should be companions with.  He's from Alaska and he really likes fishing & running and we eat salmon like twice a week instead of eating out.  I know he'd be down if you sent any of your Date Treats or any of your other healthy snacks."

"Thank you so much for your constant prayers!!  They truly help out and I can recognize them!!  A-- is soooo amazing!  We are already good friends.  He came to church yesterday and I sat next to him.  During the Sacrament, he read the whole introduction to the Book of Mormon in Vietnamese.  I knew he felt the Holy Ghost.  I hope he wants to keep meeting!  He is the man!"

"It's crazy going from wards my whole life with, you know, hundreds of people in each ward, and you get here and there is like 20-40 people total that come to church every week.  But the members are amazing and are so strong."

"Christmas here in Poland is SO SICK!  I like the food and the celebration is amazing.  I will have to tell you about it more when the time comes but it sounds exciting!"

"Ah, I love the book of James, too!  Check out the first chapter of Ephesians, it's so unbelievably powerful and definitely my favorite.  The whole book of Ephesians and Alma 32, of course.  That's the best!  And there's a guy in our zone that I'm going out on exchanges with these next couple days and he is into energy work, too!  So we have a lot to talk about!"

"Do widzenia"

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