Thursday, November 22, 2012

Attitude of gratitude

Our first holiday season with Lance in the mission field is in full swing. 

Thanksgiving has brought into focus the fact that he is not here to celebrate with us.  Yet, no one is sad or upset by his absence.  In fact, I had a good reason to corner everyone today for pictures!  

Traditions are a wonderful way to strengthen the bonds between family.  And Lance is very sentimental.  I have no doubt he found a way to celebrate a U.S. traditional holiday in Poland today.

We miss him, but we also know he is doing the Lord's work.  We wouldn't have it any other way! 

One excerpt from his super short email this Monday:

"The pic at the end is me and Elder Fletcher with a SUPER cool dude we found named B----.  He is from Turkey and is in Poland for like a month.  He is a Traveler and we had such an amazing lesson about God and that He is real and that you can speak to Him!  He wasn't familiar with God but he loved what we had to say and we will be meeting with him again."

Stalin's Tower

Somehow I missed the Nielson's blog on Tuesday describing what is going on in Warsaw District II!  

Here is what Sister Nielson posted:

Members of the Warsaw II District: Sisters Young and Peterson with Elders Fletcher, Wilson, Kotter, Rittmanic, Hayes and Pofelski.  The Lesson was on "The Role of the Holy Ghost" from our Teaching More Effectively course.

Elders Fletcher and Kotter are having great success.  Elder Fletcher will travel with Elder Rittmanic back to Lublin, while Elder Kotter will remain in Warsaw with Elder Wilson.

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