Monday, November 26, 2012

Rock on \m/

It was great to see the on the Nielsons' blog that they had celebrated Thanksgiving in Warsaw.

This picture made me chuckle....
I can't be sure, but it seems one of his mission buddies is doing a "Lance"!  Those who know Lance will see it.  :)

Here are a few excerpts from today's email:

"How was Thanksgiving!!?!??!  Did you make healthy pumpkin pie and stuffing?  Man, I miss your cooking so much, it drives me crazy!  But, I found some kefir and greek yogurt and curry, so I try to replicate your cooking.  But it doesn't come close!"

"I hear it does take like 2 weeks for a package to get here but it's okay because I will eat those Date Treats whether they're rotten or not, I MISS YOUR COOKING!!"

"K--- told me I accepted his request on Facebook!  He is truly the man!  He is one of our investigators and he is the bomb, he is super open minded and cool.  He is legitimately a friend.  You should talk to him on there and tell him you're my mom!"

"Our investigators are all amazing!  We met with A--- again the other day and it was incredible.  He plays guitar and is really good.  I told him I will give him one of my CDs.  And B---- is amazing!  He's the dude from Turkey and we're meeting with him again today and I'm so excited!  He is a Traveler!"

"Everything here is amazing, the language is getting better, and we are teaching a lot more people!  Life is good!  Tell Dad that I love him so much and that I sent him a letter, too.  Tell him I'm learning so much here!"

"I missed you guys on Thanksgiving!  And it's crazy Christmas is on it's way!  But I will be able to call home on Christmas so that'll be super sweet!  Be sure to celebrate your best.  I can picture you're already listening to Christmas music everyday!  Hahaha!  Be sure to go to Temple Square!"

"Rock on! \m/"

Good to know my son knows me so well!  Yes, I did make healthy pumpkin pie and stuffing.  And I've been listening to Christmas music since October.

It's also good to know that he appreciates my cooking!


  1. How did you make pumpkin pie and stuffing both taste good and be healthy? Leah

    1. I guess it's a matter of opinion that it tastes good! Hahaha! My recipe for pie uses raw honey and coconut milk in the filling and a crust made from almond flour, almonds, & dates. My stuffing recipe calls for cauliflower & lots of other veggies...I added wild rice. I'll send ya my recipes :)