Monday, October 29, 2012

Lance's first email from the field

Well, it's no surprise at all...Lance officially loves Poland.  In fact, everything is just "amazing"! 

Here are some excerpts from his email today:

"Poland is SO AMAZING!  After the way long flights, we landed in Poland and met with the mission president and his wife and went over to their house.  Got fed and went site seeing/tracting.  It was so sick!!!!!"

"Seriously, this whole town is amazing!!!  It's so beautiful!  So that first day we saw the palace and a huge Catholic cathedral!  It was amazing!!  Fall here is so beautiful!  The leaves are falling and it's amazing!  Anyway we saw the palace and the way it looked and felt, and just being here in the country, gives me chills thinking about it!"

"So my new companion is Elder Fletcher, he's seriously the bomb!  He is the best at the language, everyone agrees, and he has sick studying habits, and he saves my butt every time I can't speak or say something, haha!"

"Speaking to people is amazing!  Yeah, the first day was tough speaking to people because my vocabulary isn't huge, but after that first couple days, I started just speaking!  I can without a doubt see God's hand in my learning the language and teaching with it, just everything!"

"My area is Warzawa 2!  Just me and Fletcher!  We get to see Stolens tower all the time and it's amazing!"

"I talk to everyone and give them a huge smile and say Dzien Dobry!  haha, and they look at me all weird and just say it back."

"...smiling at everyone, letting them know that they exist and that they truly do matter and that God loves them so much!  And through just that one smile, they can see maybe that's enough to get through another day or spark the flame to their conversion in Christ."

"This message is divine and of God and I truly do love being here!"

"Dzien Dobry kocham cie!"

I can't be sure, but my guess is he is having an AMAZING time there!  

I'm guessing the tower he's referring to is this one.....

Hopefully he'll attach some pictures to his next email!

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