Monday, July 8, 2013

"There are so many miracles happening here!"

This week has been eventful for Lance. He and his new companion are getting along famously and are furthering the work of the Lord!

Lance states that he recognizes the blessings and miracles happening all around him. He and his companion recently met someone in the park that Lance describes as a "sad man". This man had just found out he has a serious health condition. So, Lance and his companion prayed with him and taught him a portion of the Plan of Salvation. This man shared that he was moved upon by the Spirit. He showed up to church on Sunday to learn more. He decided that day to be baptized! So, there are three baptisms scheduled for this month. Lance also hopes that another young man that came to church that day for the first time will also feel moved upon to be baptized. Perhaps there will be four baptisms! Lance feels that this is an example of miracles. He feels like the Spirit is strong with them as missionaries. I would have to agree!

His good friend from China leaves for home this week. Lance will miss her but he is happy she gets to go home to family...and share her new faith. He knows she will make a difference in her home country. He says, "God has such a huge plan for her and when I look at her I see it, she doesn't know it yet but she will truly change the world." I would have to agree with him on that, too!

Lance is enjoying being a trainer. He says it's been a good test for him to always be obedient and be the best example he can be. He knows it's a lot of responsibility but realizes that he's not doing it alone...he has divine help from the Lord! 

He shares that something in 2 Nephi 4 made an impression on him. Nephi counsels to always put our trust in the arm of the Lord, not man. Lance would agree that we should look to do the will of God in all things. We cannot fail if we are doing God's will. 


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