Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"The work is getting even bigger and the Gospel is spreading even faster!"

Lance finally received his package, which contained his voice recorder. Unfortunately, his former companion, who knows how to attach audio files, has been transferred. Maybe he'll figure it out for next week!

Lance is pretty happy about being a trainer and is impressed with his new companion. The young man is from California and used to be a wrestler. Lance was also a wrestler for years, so they already have that in common. He adds that this new elder is funny and "can take a joke!". I am supposed to tell his mom that he is amazing and "the bomb!", but I don't know his mom yet...

He told us about a couple they'd met two weeks ago who began the discussions and even came to church. Without adding too much detail, they are impressed with the truthfulness of the doctrine taught and are ready to take that first step - baptism. The big day will happen in just a few weeks...long enough to attend meetings and learn the rest of the Plan of Salvation. As Lance's Chinese friend put it in a recent Facebook post, "Kotter said God tells us the way , is the simplest way.. you see.. to be happy. to choose the right way. Haha...so right!! Simple. I like simple."

She's right.  The Plan is absolutely simple!

He finally had the chance to hear the recent missionary broadcast and had this to say, "It's incredible that we are using the internet so exclusively now for serving. I know that's going to change the world, as it already has."

We have had that belief for years now...that the internet is going to be used to take the Gospel to the whole world.

Lance is still loving Szczecin.  In fact, he would love to stay there his entire mission. He's had some wonderful experiences and has made some great friends. He assures us that he is fully living each day to its potential. As he puts it, "When we come in at night and plan, I feel so good because I gave it my all that day. And then I pass out and die until the alarm goes off!"

As always, he has something wonderful to say about his Chinese friend. He shared that she gave an excellent talk on faith in church this last Sunday. He is so very impressed with her diligence and talent!

Last week, Lance shared some scriptures that he has found to be very inspiring. One of which is a story in the Book of Mormon of a valiant military captain who led his people to victory against the opposition. Captain Moroni reminded his people that they will be victorious because they are fighting to defend their families, their freedom, their God, and their religion. If you'd like to read the story for yourself, visit http://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/alma/43?lang=eng

I find this story, like most all stories in the scriptures really, to be very timely.

Fourth of July is this week and Lance says that Poland celebrates their independence, he thinks, in April. His one year mark is fast approaching and he says that he wishes time would just slow down...he doesn't want this mission to end! Their mission just recently had a change in presidency, and though he truly loved his last president and "mission mom", he knows he'll love the new couple.

He closes his email by reminding us that he prays for us all and is grateful for our prayers on his and the mission's behalves. He says, "Everything here is amazing! I love this work with all of my soul!"

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