Monday, July 15, 2013

Recordings = Details

Happy day!  Lance figured out how to attach the audio files from his voice recorder so we got to hear a lot of this week's update!

I ask him to give us details, but I get a lot of the same, "...he's the bomb!", "'s amazing!", etc.  Which is nice, of course, but when I read other missionaries' emails/blogs, they always seem more detailed.  And as I suspected, I don't get those details because Lance doesn't like to type.

Things are going quite well for his newest investigators.  In fact, Lance says that they have four baptisms scheduled for this month.  He had a lot of wonderful things to say about all four of these people!  He shared the stories of how he and his companion met them all and how all the meetings were divinely inspired.
Two of the people are a married couple who were involved in another religion, but were feeling quite negative about the fear-based doctrine taught within that religion.  Lance invited them to attend church and they decided right there and then to attend.  That night, this sweet woman received a confirmation through a dream that this is the right path.  They are now extremely excited about their upcoming baptisms.  Lance is also excited that this will be the first couple in their branch in Szczecin.

Lance tells the story of how they met with another person from these new investigators and that it was absolutely divine timing for this man.  He had just gotten some bad news about his health and was feeling quite down when Lance and his companion saw him sitting on a bench in the park, looking sad.  Lance and his companion spoke with him about God's plan of happiness.  They also shared with him chapter 32 in the book of Alma (see, which is a powerful chapter on faith.  They closed with a prayer for his health and his faith.  Lance says he has been coming to church and is progressing very well.

They met the other young man in the same park.  They noticed him sitting on a bench reading.  Lance asked him if he liked to read, and the man responded to the affirmative, after which Lance handed him a Book of Mormon.  He came to church the following Sunday and announced he'd read the Book of Mormon...which was approximately one week.  Lance says, "It's crazy!  He read it in like a WEEK!"  Now this young man is taking the discussions and is learning to integrate his spirituality with his intellectuality.

Lance says they depend on the current members of their branch to help them with the discussions and teaching in church.  He says it adds a completely different level of understanding when someone who is Polish is there to share their own stories of faith and conversion.  I think that's true anywhere you go!

He says that everything is going wonderfully.  His companion is "the bomb" and they have a lot in common.  They spend a lot of time out on the streets talking with people unless they have a lesson to teach.  He says they often teach the lessons in the chapel where the Spirit can be the strongest.  He says the one thing he has learned is that if he is obedient and faithful, everything is possible.  He affirms that obedience brings protection, even boldness.  He says this is one of the most powerful lessons he has learned on this mission.

He closes by asking me to tell everyone hi and that he loves us all.  He also says he loves Szczecin and hopes he can serve the rest of his mission there.

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