Saturday, September 1, 2012

Letters home on a rainy day

It's been nothing but thunder storms in my area since last night.  The crashing of thunder and pounding of rain woke me several times during the night.  Followed by our power being disrupted for some hours this morning.  I really depend on our electricity with my home business, so needless to say, a night with little sleep and no power was an unfortunate way to start my weekend.

But, I received a letter from Lance this afternoon, so my weekend is much more enjoyable!

He is learning a lot already, he says.  And not just the language but a much deeper understanding of some important Gospel principles.

"I have learned to strip myself of pride and love everyone the same and learn from everyone."
"I feel like I've been given a new heart.  A heart purified and renewed from Christ."
" come back to our loving Father in Heaven, knowing true happiness, knowing our Christ and his Atonement, which we're a part of."
"I understand baptism like never before.  It truly makes sense.  I have a testimony of it.  As well as I do of the Book of Mormon & Joseph Smith."

Then he writes, what I believe to be, a partial testimony in Polish.  I will not attempt to type could be disastrous!

He also claims to have converted at least 90% of his district to "his hippie style".  Which, he clarifies, means that they talk natural health.  If you know Lance, you know he doesn't eat junk food, uses essential oils for aches and pains instead of pills, etc.

Yeah, I'm a proud mom.

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