Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dzien Dobry

Yesterday was Memorial Day for us here in the States.  Poland celebrates a similar holiday, but it was about a month ago, according to Lance's memory on the subject.  Interesting how many holidays are shared by cultures world wide.

Several of Lance's missionary buddies recently came home for medical releases.  It sounds like they all plan on coming back to Poland as soon as they're healed from their injuries.  He was able to speak on the phone with two of them before they left for home.  One of the elders was Lance's first companion in the MTC and a former class mate.  Lance said, "He is the man!".  Lance says that he and the other elder laughed about how their respective parents raised them on the same type of music..."the best music in the world!!"

Everything is going well for his new Chinese friend.  Lance says she is faithful and an amazing example.  He and his companion met with a man recently who seems to be very interested.  They also knocked on the door of a young Catholic family that were very receptive.  They invited the missionaries in and had a great discussion.  Though Lance doesn't know if they'll want to follow through, he believes the seed was planted.
He says they meet "awesome people" every day.

I've got another package ready to send off this week.  This package contains a voice recorder, some good soap, a small yoga book, and some homemade sunscreen.  The only thing he asked me to include are more healthy food and more pictures.  He says that he and his companion are very good about getting some yoga in everyday.

I passed on some recent messages from his Facebook page.  He was happy to "hear" from these friends and know that they care!

He closes by thanking everyone for their prayers and well wishes on his behalf.  He confirms that he loves God and knows that God loves all of us.

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