Tuesday, September 3, 2013

District Leader in Warsaw I

Transfers are in and Lance is going to the Warsaw I district as district leader.  He says he's excited yet nervous at the same time!  In fact, he says that DL can be a fun calling...he gives credit to his last DL for being an incredible example of what a good leader can do.  His new companion hasn't been in Poland for long, so he's excited to meet this new Elder.  Lance started out in Warsaw when he first arrived in Poland almost a year ago. He says Warsaw is a LOT different than Szczecin...more fast paced and much of their contacting is done on buses.  He says he loves Szczecin and is sad to leave it behind, but plans on returning someday in the future to visit "his town".

His spiritual thought this week was based on how to know if something is of God or not.  He gives the example of times when we may be simply sitting in church and suddenly feel like we are being inspired by the Spirit.  He suggests that when something like that happens, we ought to stop and ponder on what the Spirit is trying to teach us.  Often those little inspirations come from something simple, because the Gospel is simple.  The best way he says to remember what it was the Spirit witnessed is to write it down.  He also gives an interesting possibility that deju vu is a recognition from God that you are on the right path.  The Spirit will always reveal it to us.  Perhaps deju vu is another sign, another way God confirms the path you're on is right.

Lance also points out that we are given little promptings of the Spirit regularly, yet we may ignore them sometimes.  When we do that, the Spirit withdraws until you come seeking and listening again.  He says he has learned to just follow the prompting without questioning.  God encourages us to ONLY do good.  It's that split second after receiving that prompting that the adversary influences to make us second guess ourselves.  It's always a good idea to study it out in your mind and your heart...ponder and pray to know if it's the right thing to do.  If it is of God, you'll know by the fruits of your actions.  Chapter 7 in Moroni helps us to understand this concept (see http://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/moro/7?lang=eng).

Does what you want to do encourage you to: Do good?  Follow God?  Give you peace?  If so, then apply some action!

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