Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Adventures in Poland!

As a mom, I sometimes forget that Lance is an adult and not my little boy anymore.  I have been reminded over the last year that, indeed, he is a grown man.  Living in a foreign country, sharing the Gospel with those who will listen.  And he does this of his own free will.  We have missed him a lot over this last year, especially during family functions and gatherings.  Yet we wouldn't want it any other way.  At times I want to shout, "Hoorah for Israel!"

Lance hasn't received his package yet, but I'm sure he will soon.  He says, "I feel so close when I get a package.  It feels like I'm opening up home."  I've been able to send him a package once a month since he's been in Poland.  When he was in the MTC, I sent him one a week.

He starts out his recording with catching up on his week.  They've been meeting with a man from India.  He calls him Mohit because the guy reminds him of a friend from Utah with that name.  Lance says the guy believes in God, but is new to the idea of free will and other simpler aspects. They taught a total of 18 lessons last week, 14 of which were street lessons.  They meet many of their contacts in the local park...
He says they speak with everyone.  They don't pass one person without at least giving a card or something.  He says they just bare their testimonies with boldness, followed by asking the person what it would mean to them to know about this plan...and hope that someone will be open to hearing the message.  At times they get brushed off, but it doesn't seem to discourage him because he loves teaching the Gospel.  He also says they refer to the Restoration as soon as possible because it stands out.  If you'd like to read more about the Restoration of Jesus Christ's church, visit

For this week's "spiritual thought", Lance refers to chapter 10 of the book of Moroni where the prophet Moroni lists some examples of the spiritual gifts that we, as children of God, are blessed with.  Lance says we are born with many gifts and we can attain more gifts during our lives...we need only ask of God then act upon it.  We all have a variety of gifts, though we're not all blessed with the exact same gifts.  If it were like that, we wouldn't be able to benefit each other.  We are more enabled to serve others, which in turn serves ourselves. He also suggests that we write them down, similar to how we would write in a prayer journal.  He says for his personal study time that morning, he reviewed his Patriarchal Blessing and picked out all of  the blessings God has promised him, then wrote them down.  Then he is going to "work on them" to see how he can help accomplish these blessings.

And all these gifts come by the Spirit of Christ; and they come unto every man severally, according as he will. - Moroni 10:17

He says to find out God's definition of the gifts he has individually been blessed with, or would like to receive, he has used the book "True to the Faith" (see, the scriptures, and much prayer. Referring to the scripture in Moroni 10, he shares that if there be an end of gifts, it is because of the unbelief of man (Moroni 10:24).

Lance gives the example of those who believe there are no more miracles.  If the scriptures are right and God is unchanging, then why would miracles end with the death of the Savior?  Why would He stop speaking to mankind?  I believe it is only when people turn a deaf ear.  If you want to know, ask God then be willing to receive the answer.

If there is a gift you want to receive, ask God, write it down, then go to work.  Lance shares the example of the gift of discernment.  He says it is the way we can see the difference between a teaching of Jesus Christ of a teaching of satan.  Helps us discern that opposition.  Also to help us know if someone has bad intentions.  He invites us to read D&C 46, 1 Timothy 4, 1 Corinthians 12.  I know these scripture references well.  I have 1 Corinthians 12:7-11 framed and hanging on my wall.

To conclude, he shares by sending his love and greetings to those who have been so supportive and encouraging.  He says he loves this Gospel and loves this mission.  He is glad to have another year of service in Poland, but looks forward to coming home to go fishing with his dad, go to concerts with his brother, see his nephews, and attend my yoga classes.

I am also looking forward to that day.

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